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Articles Published by Mike O'Krongli, President and CTO

Internet Giants to Blame for Continued Email SPAM

Internet giants Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL should be held accountable for the decline of usability of email, the most basic communication tool on the internet. They all have email services that filter spam and send blacklist and sometimes whitelist messages to a junk or spam folder. This action is leading to a ballooning email spam epidemic with many faces. more

Google Attacked By Zombies

Affiliate programs were very popular and profitable for a short period of time in the late 1990.s but automated bots brought an end to that product. While Google has learned many lessons from that time, the sheer size and scale of the internet makes it more difficult to detect fraud. The internet criminal has also evolved and has many more tools in his box. more

The Twelve ways of Click Fraud

This week while humming along to the 12 days of Christmas, I counted 12 reasons to question Google.s estimate of only 2% click fraud. more